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The apocalypse is happening all around us. If human animals transform, we survive. If we do not transform, we die - physically and spiritually - along with the planet. The non-human animals and plants have assured me that they are intimately aquainted with the genocide being wrought upon them by humans. But the human animals would rather watch tv and pretend it's not happening. Achieving trans_end is dependant upon humans once again engaging, not only with each other, but with the natural world. If the constellation comprises only human participants, transformation cannot occur. Transformation is only possible when we reconnect with and listen to the natural world and the spiritual world. We need to listen to what the animals, the rivers, the mountains, indigenous people and plants are saying. They have not forgotten original wisdom. Until we all remember it, our efforts will be but the sound of one hand clapping.

I have invited some of my domesticated friends, as well as some of my wild friends to join me on trans_end. I will act as their interpreter. Some of the words I post on the trans_end blog will be mine, but most will be theirs. I am a writer and an interspecies communicator. My contribution therefore will be in the form of words. My words and the words of the natural world, the untamed world. One of the participants on my team, is a beautiful wildesering tree with whom I share my home. It has been there much longer than I. It's species has never been tamed. The wildesering has never been successfully cultivated/domesticated. It only occurs in the wild. It's habitat is being destroyed fast. Are we ready to hear what it has to say to us?

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