Having coffee

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So now I am sitting having coffee at Cafe 41, while blogging.  Isn't technology a wonderful thing.  A new way of passing time while waiting for the next meeting.  A new way of avoiding watching and observing people in he few minutes available to us in our hectic schedules.

Been thinking some more about the possibilities of this project and realised that I need to narrow it down.  Perhaps selecting certain topics, rather that trying to kill the cow with a butter knife.  Think about it... The theme, questions, answers and possibilities are endless.  Where to begin and where to draw the line?  Thus, I have to really focus on what it is that I would like to convey, without confusing a less than artistic-literate audience. (Why am I not in Europe?) Damn settlers (smile)

Images that are milling through my mind at the moment include;

The shadow dance with the Self and the ego.

Projections of the various portrayals of God hovering over the audience.

The devil (a fictitious creature) being blamed and tortured by all the wrongful deeds that he gets blamed for.  (the devil made me do it!)

The lack of self love....

The lack of honesty (WITH ONESELF)

The hate that's being spread with NO reason at all

The unwillingness of people to learn, grow, explore and evolve....

To name but a few...

Then comes the dilemma of changing these thoughts into understandable images that can interact with the actors..., music..., words..., AUDIENCE!

Must say, the blogging does seem to help with putting things into perspective.

Ok, that's it for today.  Speak to ya soon!

So this is blogging...  I feel like running to the fridge, taking out the "stork" and start cooking.  (realy crappy add)

I want to make it very clear from the start to anyone who is reading this that my use of the english language leaves alot to be desired, more so my typing skills, and even more so my spelling.  So COPE!

Getting to the good stuff...  All my life I have been facinated by two things; Art & Religion.  Art, in all it's forms was the easy one.  just observe with all your sences and become part of it in any way you feel moves you. 

Religion on the other hand was easy untill the age of ten.  Then the shit started.  Logic (and reality) stepped in and the puzzel shattered.  Up to that point the NG kerk and the Methodist church was the only religions in existence.  If I had to pin-point the exact moment I knew something was off, it must be the day I heard the my sister was not allowed in the church for becomming pregnant without being married.  Soon after, puberty set in and I realized just why I liked watching the men in Falcon Crest and enjoyed Patrick Duffy in Man from Atlatis.  Jip, I realised that I am gay.

Other questions also popped up...

What happens to you if you are a devout (Muslim, Paginist, Budhist, Hindu, Islamic, Judaist, .....)

Why are people killing each other in the name of (what I thought to be) a loving God

Why are Catholics and Protestants so hatefull of each other

What are the teachings of all these religions

Where did it all start (Adam and Eve???)

Who was right

Is there a hell / devil


Obviously I began searching from the one to the other and the more I searched, the more confusing it all became, Untill finaly I noticed the similarity shared by all of them.  Stripp away the dogma and traditions and you are left with a GOD.  Coincidence? I think not.

So how does one sift through all this shit and get to the truth?

In January this year I met a man named Abel Pienaar.  Ex NG dominee and the person who would teach me to stop asking the questions and start hearing the answers.  Currently I am a part of the only Gnostic church in Pretoria.  Aparantly there is another one in CapeTown  (go figure)

DOG will be A-Morality-Play (thanx Janine) that will delve into some of the questions that have been haunting me for so long.  Presented in a non-linier format with poetry, movement and video.   One of the sections I would love to develop for and with Trans-End.  It will be in the form of a shadow dance depicting the internal struggle between the self and the Self. (note the capital S)

Ok, that is the first blog.  My mind is running wild with ideas and I sometimes feel that if I think of it too long it will make everything seize up and cause me a nice extended visit to Tara of Vista.  (sleep therapy sounds inviting at this point in time)

Feel free to let me know if you (the reader) have any inputs or ideas to help me see this vision into reality.

'Till next time...